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Geode Opening Instructions

Whole Geode Opening Instructions


Hammer and Chisel Method

Most people have a hammer and chisel. We recommend a flat faced chisel instead of a pointed one. To open the Geode score all the way around the circumference of the Geode using your hammer and chisel. Continue this process until a crack develops in the Geode then continue to work the crack until your Geode opens. When trying to open Geodes you must be careful not to hit the chisel too hard with the hammer , start lightly in the beginning then a little harder but not too hard until a crack develops in the Geode.


Sock Method

The Sock method is popular for opening smaller Geodes (3" inches or less). Put the Geode in a sock and strike very lightly with the hammer. The chances of this method opening your Geode exactly in 2 is not as great as when using a hammer and chisel but its a much safer method especially if kids are involved in opening Geodes.


Always remember to wear safety glasses or some kind of eye protection when opening Geodes.