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1100+ CARATS (1/2 LB) OF MALACHITE ROUGH (Congo)(Quality)

Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $17.99
You Save: $12.00 (40 %)
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Lot # 71035

 1/2 lb. (1100 +  Carats) of

 Malachite rough

Only $29.99

Right out of the Mining bag !

 We are liquidating Lot # 71035 consisting of a 50 lb. mining bag of Malachite rough. The Malachite rough are of various shapes and sizes and will be divided equally into 1/2 pound orders (1100+ carats) for 29.99 + 4.50 shipping for the first order and 1.95 shipping for each additional order. The Malachite is uncut, rough, mine run, uncleaned and unsearched just as they come from the mines.


To clarify: for $29.99 you receive one 1/2 pound lot (1100+carats) of unsearched, uncleaned, rough, mine run Malachite rough. Shipping is 4.50 for the first order and 1.95 shipping for each additional order regardless of Gem type or product ordered.

International shipping is 8.95 for the first order and 3.95 shipping for additional orders !


Cleaning instructions will be shipped with every order !


Regarding All Gem Rough

 Since Gem rough is a natural resource and we scoop orders out of the mining bags at random the Gem rough in every order can vary in size,  color etc.. This is why we do not take sample pictures of the rough. No sample picture can represent a random scoop. We do however offer a 30-day satisfaction return policy for a full refund or exchange if you are not happy for any reason.


General characteristics

Malachite Rough
Nice banding
Nice size pieces 
Hard to find 
Great for Cabbing
Great for Carving

All shipping costs stated in any of our advertising include handling costs. There are a lot more expenses involved in shipping other than just postage. Envelopes , packing supplies, packing labor and administrative labor/invoicing are included in all shipping costs quoted in all of our advertising.

Every effort is taken to ship orders and answer emails as quickly as possible. Please allow 9-15 bus days for delivery upon payment received. All Gem Rough orders are just grabbed and packed at random from the mining bags as stated. All Gem Rough as stated is rough, mine run, uncut and uncleaned . Mining bags are not included.